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Complete cloud computing - cloud backup, cloud servers, cloud hosted exchange and cloud software on-demand

Excalibur Technology offers a complete line of Cloud Computing services! Featuring everything from Cloud Backup, Cloud Servers, Cloud Hosted Exchange, and Cloud Software On-Demand, we are your complete solution provider! Unlike many cloud providers, we own our Data Center and it is 100% managed and supported by Excalibur Technology engineers. For additional information, contact a Technology Consultant today or explore our offerings on our website!

Why Hire Excalibur Technology?

We are a FULL SERVICE I.T. support firm. We don't just fix computers. We provide EVERY SERVICE that your business will need and we DO NOT OUTSOURCE. All work is done by our staff. This gives you a single point of contact and a single firm responsible for ensuring that everything “just works”. This eliminates the hardware guy blaming the software guy who blames the Internet guy. We just focus on the end result, assume complete responsibility and get your entire network functioning. Here are the Top 5 Reasons to do business with us:

  1. We Hire the Best Engineers – not just techs. Certified Engineers with years of experience supporting complex business systems. Ask your current provider to show you copies of their recent certifications. Your doctor, lawyer and accountant are all certified. Make sure your I.T. provider is too. We also hold multiple company certifications from Microsoft, Intel, Cisco and many other partners. And make sure that an extensive background check has been performed on your tech as well. He or she will have access to all of your most sensitive data – you don't want that winding up in the wrong hands!
  2. We Offer the Best Guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied, you do not pay. How much better can it get? Why take on any risk with IT service? Use a company that stands behind their work! Find out more and take a risk free trial HERE!
  3. We Provide the Best Service. After doing this for 21 years and supporting thousands of satisfied clients, we know I.T. support inside and out. We know what your company is going through and we know how to fix it. Everyone at our firm is a veteran expert in their field. We don't just show up to fix a problem – we provide solid business solutions that help you get the most out of technology to make your staff more productive, save time, and increase the bottom line. Technology should save you money or create more sales, not be an expense. “Swear by your I.T. support partner – not at them!”
  4. We Use the Best Technology & Components. We never settle for or sell substandard equipment. We use only name brand parts and install them by certified engineers. Any downtime is costly for your business. And even if a “problem” is fixed for free, you'll never make back the lost revenue due to downtime had it not gone down in the first place. We keep you running 24x7x365.
  5. We Offer the Best Value. We might not be the cheapest provider out there, but we definitely are the BEST. And, when does cheapest ever equate to best? We guarantee that we will consistently deliver exceptional products and services at reasonable and fair rates. All of our rates are published on the web for everyone to see and you'll always receive a quote for every job that we do. We know that you work hard for your money and we are proud to offer flat rate support plans and projects. Never be surprised about I.T. expenses again! And if we fail to do the job – YOU DON'T PAY A DIME!

How does that compare to the support you currently receive? Is it worth taking a closer look at Excalibur Technology? We guarantee you that our 21-years in business has taught us things that your current I.T. support person or company absolutely does not know. We have a team of certified systems engineers that are on call 24x7x365 to help you out. We even offer flat rate billing to give you a low monthly support cost to work into your budget. We know we are the best, but don't take our word for it. Here is what one of our clients says about us:

I am writing to express the great level of satisfaction that the Dundee Township Park District has with the I.T. services that Excalibur Technology provides. As you know, most recently the District underwent a change to a network/server environment. The building of an I.T. network from the ground up is by no means an easy task. However, with Excalibur’s guidance every step of the way, the stress of this major project wasn’t all that stressful. I would especially like to note the superior service we receive from not only you but also from our engineer... His exceptional expertise, attention to detail and dedication is a valuable asset to the District. On a personal level, working with him is a pleasure and I appreciate all of the support he provides to help make my job tasks relating to I.T. easier. I also have received numerous compliments from staff regarding his patience and friendliness. I would recommend Excalibur to any organization looking for world class I.T. service. I look forward to working with Excalibur for years to come.

- Greg Gannon, Superintendent of Finance
Dundee Township Park District

Experience I.T. service that finally makes sense. We invite you to explore our website and then call us today at 877-NET-KING.

Excalibur Technology is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner
Excalibur Technology is a WatchGuard Expert Partner
Excalibur Technology is a Cisco Select Partner
Excalibur Technology is a Veeam Silver CSP Partner and Pro Partner
Excalibur Technology is a VMWare Certified partner
Excalibur Technology is a Hewlitt Packard (HP) Authorized Reseller